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ABCM Corporation is a multi-service provider offering top-quality long term care solutions throughout the state of Iowa.
About Us

About Us

A message from our CEO

The heart and strength of our organization is the sum of the contributions of the 2,700 people who team together toward our common mission of caring for our residents, our families and our communities. Their commitment to excellence is clearly demonstrated in our 2009 Family Satisfaction survey results. We have built and maintain a corporate structure that allows us the ability to provide and receive support at all levels, and to persevere against all odds.
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ABCM was built on a standard of excellence

Nationally recognized ABCM Corporation is one of the first organizations to advance the utilization of quality assurance personnel to help staff members improve the provision of care and services for the elderly, and remains committed to providing care that is sensitive, compassionate, promptly delivered, and cost-effective.

ABCM Corporation constructed Iowa's first modern care center in Hampton, opening the doors of the 50-bed home on April 29, 1963. Since then, ABCM Corporation has developed and acquired numerous health service programs including 30 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, 19 independent and assisted living programs, 10 outpatient therapy centers, a separate related durable medical supply corporation, and various other entities.
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Our philosophy sets us apart from others

One of the most difficult aspects of recognizing the need for long-term care is the idea that one is forced to give up simple, everyday pleasures and choices. At ABCM, we believe in a Person Directed Care approach to specialized health care. Meaning, we encourage the individuals in our care to make choices in their health care and services that are consistent with their life-long beliefs, habits, unique needs and preferences. We give you choices. Isn't that really what it's all about?
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ABCM Corporation Headquarters

Phone: (641) 456-5636 Fax: (641) 456-2320
1320 4th Street NE, P.O. Box 436, Hampton, IA 50441

Our mission
To support and promote our communities and the long-term care industry by assisting our homes and programs to provide essential services in an environment that nurtures personal relationships, encourages individual choices and values the unique contributions of each care giver and recipient.

Our commitment
Our residents, families and employees are the "Most Important People."
We will encourage our residents and families to make choices in the care they receive.
We will support our employees to do the best that they can.
We will appreciate each person for who they are.

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